The Parliamentary All-Party Betting & Gaming Group is planning to arrange four virtual meetings on the following topics, speakers and dates and times to be announced. 

Meeting 1: A Public Health approach to Gambling

•        What does this mean and how would it be different to what went before?

•        On what basis was this change in approach taken?

•        The National Strategy to Reduce Harms – what does this mean for the industry?

•        Research, education and treatment – what is required (and how will it be paid for)?

•        Do we have an actual itemised and costed budget for what is required?

•        Will a regulatory Levy solve this?

Meeting 2: Gambling and Football

•        What are the benefits and disbenefits of gambling sponsorship?

•        What is wrong with streaming?

•        Gambling and sporting events – what does history tell us?

•        Are sporting integrity issues inevitable?

•        Can gambling and football work to the benefit of both?

Meeting 3: The Marketing of Gambling

•        What advertising is ‘acceptable’?

•        What evidence is there that advertising leads to problem gambling?

•        Should affiliates be more regulated?

•        VIP programmes – what is legitimate, and what is not?

•        Isn’t the issue about banning gambling advertising really just a case of ‘out of sight – out of mind’?

Meeting 4: Is the Gambling Act 2005 Fit For Purpose?

•        How is the Gambling Act not ‘future proofed’ (with the exception of casino licensing)?

•        What is conceptually different now then from when it was written?

•        What needs adding?

•        What needs taking away?

•        Is there an easy fix?

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